¡Hola! Mercado Mazunte is a Mexican market located within our commissary. We sell meats by the pound and a variety of homemade salsas, along with fresh produce and dried goods. Our goal is to provide customers with convenient access to Mazunte’s savory food and other specialty items.


Here is some of what we offer:
  • Mazunte’s chicken tinga, chorizo and shredded pork sold by the pound
  • Our Michoacán-inspired carnitas, which are only available here at the Mercado
  • Homemade salsas, including our guacamole, salsa verde, salsa picante, pickled red onions and many others
  • TAMALES: Chicken in Corn Husk with Rajas or Pork in Banana Leaf with Mole
  • Produce, including fruits, vegetables and a variety of peppers
  • Dried beans and chiles
Rotating weekly specials, including Chile Pasilla with pork, ChilI Verde, Chiles Rellenos and more